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Carbon Diamond

Our new Carbon Diamond coating is ready!  After hundreds of thousands of miles and nearly 3 years of testing - the magnetron plasma deposition of diamond like coating ( DLC ) on internal injector parts is a reality for you.  We are the only injector company in the USA to offer this.  Many injectors fail from lower lubricity in modern diesel fuels and water contamination long before they should.  The Carbon coating we use can add years and many service hours to your injectors.  We are so confident in the process that we will extend our warranty to 7  years on our Re-man Common Rail injectors if you opt to have this process done.  

The benefits of our coated control rod surfaces are lower friction, ultra hard carbon that resists wear, harder than the best tool steels ( typically our carbon diamond is over 3000 vickers hardness compared to tool steel that is closer to 1000 )  and they can withstand dry, ultra low sulfur fuels and higher water content before failure. 

Micrograph of an  FDI Carbon coated LBZ rod on the left.   No wear after 110,00 miles.  On the right is a stock Bosch LBZ  rod.  This part shows heavy wear and will be discarded. Typically this is caused  from modern ULSD fuels. 

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