The first injector to 1000hp with the Duramax engine 11 years ago!  A Canadian owned truck named "NastyGirl"   We offer complete re-manufacturing and upgrades from a mild 20% to 500% larger than stock.  Only top quality parts are used.  These parts are thoughtfully installed, measured and final bench tested to insure long life and the best durability in the market.  Please ask about our carbon diamond control rod upgrade. We are the only company in the country with this feature. The Duramax has a high failure rate in the control valve assembly, our carbon upgrades will virtually stop this wear, adding longer service life.  We offer a 7 year, unlimited mileage warranty on our injectors with the carbon coating.

7 Year Warranty Pricing (Set of 8):

Stock LMM FDI Re-Manufactured Injector Set  $3300 

FDI Re-Manufactured Injectors with Mileage Max Nozzles, 15% more nozzle flow, 20HP  $3712

FDI Re-Manufactured Injectors with 22% more nozzle flow, 50HP   $3712 

FDI Re-Manufactured Injectors with 26% more nozzle flow, 85HP   $3712

FDI Re-Manufactured Injectors with 30% more nozzle flow, 100HP  $3812

FDI Re-Manufactured Injectors with 50% more nozzle flow, 130HP  $3812 

FDI Re-Manufactured Injectors with 65% more nozzle flow               $3912 

FDI Re-Manufactured Injectors with 85% more nozzle flow               $4012 

                                                    ***Larger sizes available***