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Cummins 5.9 COMP Hybrid Injectors


The first 5.9 Cummins, hybrid, Common Rail injector. They feature a thicker and stronger body to resist cracking.  Comp Hybrid injectors are made from hot rolled, heat treated and tempered steel.  No more worries of external cracks that fill the crankcase with diesel fuel. Comp Hybrid bodies are able to withstand extended high pressure use past 1800 bar. We are so confident in their strength we back the injector with a five year warranty replacement program.  Its simple; if one fails, we replace it. 

Comp Hybrids are meant for any 5.9 application and can be configured for mild towing to extreme high performance with multiple nozzle sizes and tuning levels available. Coupled to our APEX nozzles, the Comp Hybrid can produce over 2500hp without failures. Expect them to be available in the fall of 2019.


Comp Hybrids will require special installation parts and pieces that are included. These are 100% new and do not require a core charge. 

Pricing will be available in the fall of 2019



What is the reasoning behind the 5.9 Hybrid?


Increased long term durability and resistance to external cracks that flood the crankcase with Diesel fuel

What is the warranty replacement period on the 5.9 Hybrid? 


5 years


What special requirements are needed to run the 5.9 Hybrid? 


Special installation tips and tricks are needed as well as special hardware. Please contact us or a dealer before installing. 

Do the 5.9 Hybrid injectors tune the same as other types?


Yes, they tune exactly the same as our Flux and Apex injectors and most other brands of stock body 5.9 injectors in the marketplace

Will the 5.9 Hybrids work in a stock engine? 


Yes, they are very well suited to a stock engine when configured with stock nozzles and function the same except they will have much higher ability to withstand cracking. 

Are the 5.9 Hybrids a new injector? 


Yes, every part and piece is new. 

FDI New Comp/Hybrid 5.9 Injector pricing starts at $4800.00

These are custom parts and pieces and require some additional build time. We

feel the wait will be more than worth it for the user. Please call the shop for more 

details and to discuss the benefits. 



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