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About Flux Diesel

Flux Diesel is a family owned and operated diesel injector company that has been in business for over 20 years! We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and unique process that has set us apart from others in the industry!

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Our Story

FDI has been in the Diesel injection business for over 20 years.  We were the first to use Sac style performance nozzles in the Vp44 Cummins, 24 valve engine as well as the Common Rail injectors in the Dodge and Chevrolet Duramax.  This has led all other injection companies to follow suit over the years. 

Our Mach series injectors for the 12 valve and the 24 Valve engines and the Flux series injectors for the Common Rail engines have been responsible for helping many Diesel performance companies in the market today become popular with their customers. 


Not only were we the first company to repair and re-manufacture Common Rail injectors starting back in 2005 but, we also started with stage 1 common rail repairs ( internal seal replacement and nozzle replacement ). We quickly moved to stage 2 and the final stage 3 repairs by 2006.  To date we have re-manufactured over 12000 Common Rail injectors at our shop.  Many of our customers have over 300,000 miles on their FDI injectors, with a few that have over 600,000!


For more information or to order reach out to us today!

- Flux Diesel

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