Mach Series Injectors for the 24 Valve VP44 engines come in many standard sizes, but we can make any size you need.    These are the longest produced performance injector in the business.   Designed in 2001. 

Many are still on the road today, 19 years later.   Every Mach injector uses a Sac style nozzle and either 5, 6, 7, or 8  EDM machined spray holes depending on application.   All Mach injectors have a 10 year warranty - the longest in the business.  Many original Mach injectors are still in service.  The nozzle is a high quality European product or Bosch, designed and manufactured with the best alloy steels.   Our hydro-erosion technique on the nozzle gives you the best performance and the lowest smoke output per hp in the business.

Mach 1 65HP  1700 ml/min $850.00

Mach 1.6 85HP  2000 ml/min $950.00

Mach 2 105HP  2200 ml/min $950.00

Mach 4 150HP  2700 ml/min $1050.00

Mach 5 200HP  2950 ml/min $1100.00

Mach 6 220HP  3100 ml/min $1200.00

Mach 7 240HP  3200 ml/min $1250.00

Mach 8 260HP  3300 ml/min $1300.00