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13-18 Late 6.7 Cummins Exergy Sportsman CP3 Pump

$1,320 with shipping included

Are you losing rail pressure from a worn out CP3 pump? Are you in need of a factory replacement CP3 pump? Did you try a "parts kit" on your original pump with no fix? From stock up to 650+HP our Sportsman CP3 pumps are the best and most affordable solution for an upgraded pump that won't require significant supporting modifications or tuning.


Exergy Sportsman pumps have higher flowing valves that last longer than stock making them a great replacement option. They also continue to increase flow with RPM beyond 3,000 RPM. Stock pumps typically stop increasing flow when RPM exceeds approximately 3,000 RPM.


Pioneering a reliable modified CP3 pump did not come easy. Thousands of hours of research and development have gone into making our pumps what they are today. We found the limits on a durability test bench, not on customers vehicles. After the initial R&D was complete, each series of pump was subject to one final test in which we ran the pump at 4500 rpms and a pressure that far exceeded what the pumps will see in the field for 40 hours. A final inspection was done after this test to ensure no parts had significant wear. In production, each and every pump is tested throughout the entire operating range of the pump up to 4500 rpm and 29,000 psi to ensure 100% proper function before being installed into a vehicle.


Our Sportsman pumps have been verified by third party testing to have a "Reasonable Bases" of being compliant with Federal Emission requirements.


Let Exergy give you peace of mind with your fuel system purchase!


Note: Though a lift pump is not required, to achieve maximum pump performance a fuel supply of 150 GPH @ 15 psi per pump is recommended.


This pump can be used as a direct replacement for Bosch part numbers 0 986 437 334, 0 445 020 146, 0 445 020 076, 0 445 020 106, and 0 445 020 047, Cummins Part number 50104877AA, as well as Mopar part numbers R80277022AA and 8027067AC.



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